Working in a Graveyard


Working in a graveyard may seem like a lonely job, but it isn’t. The long hours, late shift, and long days often make graveyard work a worthwhile volunteer opportunity. Although graveyard shifts are unpopular, some organizations offer additional pay to volunteers. Although the extra pay may not be much, it’s still a valuable incentive to get involved. Some graveyard jobs do not even offer benefits. But even with the little compensation, graveyards are an amazing experience.

The first 50 years of the nineteenth century saw the city of London double in size, making parish churchyards dangerously overcrowded. Worse, the decaying matter in the water supply caused epidemics. This situation resulted in the cholera epidemic of 1831, which killed over 52,000 people in Britain and put unprecedented pressure on burial capacity. In addition to these graveyard superstitions, the miasma theory also raised concerns about the dangers of putrefaction in the air. A famous cemetery that portrayed zombies as a romantic symbol of death was Kindrogan House in Strathardle.

People buried without headstones often placed religious symbols in the ground. These quickly deteriorated in the elements. However, some families opted to erect a metal cross. By the 18th century, burial in graveyards was no longer common due to the rapid growth of populations and the resulting need for new burial grounds. Many European states later banned burial in graveyards, and today the term graveyard is used to refer to the space where graves were buried.

Aside from the traditional burial rituals, a cemetery’s staff is responsible for preparing and filling the grave. Grave preparation is a complex process involving skilled and trained personnel who ensure the grave is dug to the correct depth and location. Additionally, grave preparation requires careful planning to avoid any possible injury to the public. In addition, the cemetery’s staff has a duty to avoid exposing the cemetery to legal liability by burying someone without permission.

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