Memorial Parks Offer More Than a Final Resting Place

Memorial parks offer more than a final resting place. They promote a sense of community and support for grieving families.

Our design for Memorial Park highlights a dark chapter of local and national history that began at Camp Logan, later becoming Memorial Park. A doughboy statue recalls the black soldiers who fought in the 1917 Camp Logan mutiny and racial riot.

Peaceful Place

The peaceful place at memorial park consists of walking trails, a serene teardrop shaped pond and a number of memorial sites that offer peace and tranquility. There are also natural wildlife areas and a garden to explore and reflect.

The most prominent feature is the Children’s Peace Monument, a large stone structure dedicated to all the children who died because of the nuclear bombing. The monument carries the message that peace is something to be nurtured by all of us.

Across from the monument is the Flame of Peace, which will continue to burn until all nuclear weapons are eliminated from the earth. It is a permanent reminder that the horrors of war are never acceptable.

Home of Peace Memorial Park & Mortuary is a cemetery that provides the residents of Farmington Hills with a calm and dignified setting to honor their loved ones who have passed away. They provide a variety of burial options including traditional ground burial, mausoleum crypts and urn gardens.

Healing Place

Many memorial parks offer community members a space to grieve, remember and heal. They also serve as a way to educate and mobilize against suicide prevention. This month, Westchester County will unveil the new Healing Garden at Ridge Road Park in Hartsdale to help families of those who lost their lives to suicide and promote awareness of mental health issues.

A newer type of cemetery, memorial parks replace the rows of headstones with dignified bronze plaques that lie flat on landscaped plots. These markers are placed to blend with the beauty of nature, creating a peaceful place for visitors. This type of environment also allows more families to be buried in the same area than traditional cemeteries.

One memorial park in Houston honors the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack. The memorial grove features 14 trees to represent each victim. In addition, a special tree has been planted to honor Ms. Betbadal, who was killed in the attack.

Community Center

The Community Center at Law Memorial Park, an adaptive re-use of the former Briarcliff Manor Public Library building in the heart of the park, is home to multiple Recreation and Village Board and Committee meetings, as well as many classes for all ages. The center features a lap and therapy pool that offers daily lap swim and a variety of water-based classes.

The site also includes two reservable group picnic areas, which are booked throughout the spring and summer for picnics and private parties. A centrally located, non-reservable picnic area is also popular for ball game gatherings, small birthday parties and family picnics.

The NYC AIDS Memorial recognizes the thousands of New Yorkers who died from AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) and celebrates the work of caregivers and activists who mobilized to provide care, fight discrimination, lobby for medical research, and change drug approval procedures, thus turning the tide of the epidemic. The Memorial is the first of its kind in the United States.

Events & Activities

Memorial parks are often designed to encourage community interaction, fostering the development of a sense of shared culture. They offer a space for families to remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones, while also providing comfort to those who have experienced loss.

There are many different events and activities to enjoy at a memorial park. From picnics to candlelight vigils, these activities are a great way to help families come together and support one another. They also give individuals a chance to share their stories, promoting healing and providing closure.

Memorial parks are a beautiful place to visit for a day of relaxation or for an afternoon of fun in the sun. They offer a variety of different athletic facilities, including 3 baseball and softball fields, 15 football and soccer fields, 12 tennis courts, and sand volleyball courts. They are also home to a stunning 9/11 memorial that is truly a tribute to those who lost their lives in the tragic events of September 11th.

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