Albany, New York – Memorial Park

A triangular-shaped park sits on the site of St. Vincent’s Hospital, which was closed in 2010. After the hospital closed, the Rudin Management Company decided to build a residential complex on the site. In 2017, the company donated the park to the City of New York. Many people believe that this site was at the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic. The park is surrounded by three-story trees, which have been carefully planted to symbolize peace.

Memorial Park is a park designed to commemorate the men and women of World War I. The conflict was so fierce that it claimed the lives of between 35 million and sixty million people, including hundreds of thousands of American servicemen. The Park District purchased two acres of Memorial Park in 1966 for expansion and other projects. These included the relocation of the playground, the construction of basketball courts, the enlargement of the athletic field, and the renovation of the fieldhouse.

The park also has several play areas for all ages. There are basketball and tennis courts, and a playground. In the summer, Memorial Park offers free concerts with refreshments. The schedule is usually announced in May. During the winter, Memorial Park is a popular place to go sledding. In the summer, you can play disc golf or sit in the lawn for a concert. The park is located on the northeast side of town behind Frankenmuth High School. There are also horseshoe pits and picnic & playground areas.

Memorial Park was probably established during the 1920s. Even during early Albany history, the neighborhood surrounding the park was mostly open space. A local historian once recalled hunting for squirrels in the meadow that is now Memorial Park. Similarly, a woman said that after a rain, the area surrounding the park was abundant with mushrooms. In 1912, the park was a beautiful meadow. The Veterans Memorial Building was constructed between 1931 and 1933.

The park is also adorned with a community building, which has a capacity of 74 people and a galley area with sink. It is used by the American Legion Auburn Post #78 and is available for rent. The park was opened in 1926. The money to build the park came from a bond issue in 1924, and the property was originally purchased from the Faucett family. In 2000, the park was renamed in honor of veterans groups.

The park’s expansion began in the 1990s, when a group of WWII veterans started looking for a place along the Mississippi River. The group was led by Ed Karbo, Sr., and eventually partnered with the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization. They approached the park board and requested that the site be designated as a park. In 2011, the park was officially designated as Sheridan Memorial Park. It is located in Above the Falls Regional Park.

The Veteran’s Neighborhood Association manages the park. It features preschool playground equipment, tot play structures, a climbing wall, and a covered shelter. It also offers a covered picnic area and an open playground. The Veteran’s Neighborhood Association is allowed to reserve these facilities starting January 1 each year. Its facilities are open to the public and are available for reservations. The Veteran’s Neighborhood Association can also rent the park for special events.

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