Memorial Park in River Bluffs, OK

memorial park

The soldiers’ memorial is situated in the northeast corner of Veterans Memorial Park. This area is grassy with mature trees and newly planted trees. There are four large trees – possibly elms and walnuts – that stand in the park. City staff suggested that these trees be creatively used. They contacted an Oklahoma woodcarving artist who carved soldiers into the trees. The result is an impressive tribute to the fallen soldiers. It is an important part of the park and serves as an excellent example of the artistic process involved in memorializing fallen soldiers.

The design of memorial parks can be based on the deceased’s favorite color. Many memorial parks also contain a cemetery for the ashes. These parks are more spacious and typically feature a small cemetery within. Both of these types of spaces are designed to create an uplifting atmosphere and set the stage for a service or gathering. Regardless of the size, they provide the tranquility and beauty that a memorial park is meant to offer. It is also an excellent place to remember a loved one with a sense of dignity.

Visitors to Memorial Park are sure to find something they enjoy. There are two playgrounds, a 1.1 mile shaded trail, and an asphalt basketball court. If you’re looking for a cool place to play, there is also the Memorial Park Family Aquatic Center. Other amenities include a composting exhibit provided by the River Bluffs Audubon Society. There’s also a swimming pool and a gazebo that overlooks the water.

Another unique feature of the park is the 9/11 memorial. The park is located near the gazebo in the Village Center. The gazebo overlooks the park’s Veterans Memorial, which honors those who served their country. The park is also home to a Cobra 318 helicopter, which served in the Vietnam War from February 1968 to November 1969. It was mothballed at Fort Drum, NY, before arriving at Memorial Park in October 2002.

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