What is a Memorial Park?

memorial park

A memorial park is an area where people pay tribute to someone who has died. Often, it is a public space that has been established through the cooperation of multiple parties.

For example, there is a memorial park near Houston, Texas that commemorates the victims of the World Trade Center disaster in 2001. The memorial features two pools that contain large waterfalls.

Traditional Cemeteries

A traditional cemetery is a type of graveyard where headstones or other monuments made from marble, granite or similar materials rise vertically above the ground (usually around 50 cm but some can be over 2 metres high). The boundaries of the burial grounds are often delimited by a slab or fence, and often contain more than one grave in the same section.

Many cemeteries have been part of their communities for more than 100 years and include a large variety of architecture, statuary and other art. Often the landscape is impressive, with extensive lawns and trees and gardens on the perimeter.

The newer memorial park is a type of cemetery introduced about 75 years ago, and typically features bronze memorials placed level with the ground to blend with the beauty of the landscape. They are primarily designed to give families peace for quiet meditation, and to provide visitors with a sense of dignity and honor for their loved ones.

Memorial Parks

Unlike traditional cemeteries, memorial parks are managed by private institutions. They feature dignified engraved markers lying flat on landscaped plots that can serve as a permanent monument to your loved one.

A well-planned and maintained park like setting can offer a relaxing environment where families and friends can gather for remembrances and life celebrations. These facilities may include man-made water features, trees that provide shade and gardens with flowering beds.

Another plus point is the fact that many memorial parks offer uniformed engraved markers with accompanying lots. This makes it easy for people to find their way around.

However, it is important to understand that a cemetery is merely a place where you can memorialize your loved one. It does not have a corresponding place of respite where you can relax and meditate for the purpose of healing your grief.


Mausoleums are final resting places that hold the remains of people who have passed away. They are an ancient form of burial and have been used throughout history.

They are also a place for mourners to reflect on the life and death of their loved ones. They can be found in many cultures and across the world.

A mausoleum is generally an above-ground structure that holds a casket in a sealed crypt. These crypts are usually located in cemeteries but can be found on private land as well.

Choosing the right mausoleum for your family is an important decision. It can also help you create a legacy for future generations.

They are often more expensive than traditional burial options, and they require upkeep. Natural degradation can cause damage to the urns and caskets inside, and they may release gases during decomposition. This can result in explosions if the seals are not properly maintained.


A graveyard is a place where people are buried. It’s often run by a church, and people are usually buried there who belong to that particular church or expressed an interest in being buried there after death.

Graveyards can be a great way to explore your family history, as well as learn about a community’s traditions and beliefs. They also give you a chance to honor your loved one’s life and share their funeral details with others.

However, a cemetery can be a blight on a neighborhood, too, especially when it’s overcrowded and neglected. It can even be a health hazard, which can depress a city’s population.

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