Memorial Park in Indianapolis, Indiana

memorial park

The Memorial Park uses dignified engraved markers lying flat on landscaped plots to honor those who have passed away. The expansive setting provides an environment that is less about mourning and more of a life celebration.

The memorial commemorates the 1,220 Florida soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War I. The statue was designed by Charles Adrian Pillars and dedicated in 1922.


A countryside treasure nestled in the heart of eastern Indianapolis, Memorial Park offers extraordinary rural beauty in a serene setting. The park was named after John Chavis, a free Black man who moved to Raleigh in 1809. The site later became the location of two prominent African American educational institutions: the Raleigh Institute (today’s Shaw University) and Saint Augustine’s Normal School and Collegiate Institute (today’s Saint Augustine’s University).

A flagpole flies over a plaque listing 140 names of servicemen from Clarke County who died in World War II and 21 who lost their lives in the first World War. The Gold Star Monument is the newest addition to the Park, honoring veterans who served in the Vietnam War. The Memorial Park also houses one of the Village’s most beautiful September 11th memorials.

The Memorial Walls

Unlike other monuments that rise above the landscape, this wall lies close to the ground and reflects the faces of those who visit. Its design honors the lives of those who served and died.

The memorial’s twin gates, a statue and the 168 chairs represent those killed or missing in the attack. Each chair is inscribed with the name of a person who was killed on that floor of the building.

This park is filled with miles of multi-use trails, a ‘picnic’ loop and rugby or softball fields. But it’s the names inscribed on the Memorial Wall that bring people here from around the country and world. Every Staten Island family, regardless of where their loved ones are interred, will be able to inscribe a name on the Memorial Wall.

The Bald Eagle Statue

A majestic symbol of strength and freedom, this eagle statue has a wingspan that is over 2-feet wide. The bronze bald eagle is electroplated to provide added strength and durability and mounted on a dark wood museum mount.

This regal bird of prey is an amazing work by award-winning artist Crosa. Its detailed sculpting captures the moment a bald eagle snatches a fish from the water, flying through the air with extraordinary speed and grace.

This Design Toscano heirloom-quality patriotic wildlife sculpture is cast and crafted one piece at a time using the lost wax method, which highlights every detail of its sculpt and guarantees lasting beauty. Its enduring beauty is enhanced by a hand-applied multidimensional color patina. The statue is made to withstand the elements, so it can be placed indoors or out.

The Gold Star Monument

The Gold Star Monument honors the families of servicemen and women who have lost loved ones in military conflicts. This is the first one of its kind in Michigan and was developed in cooperation with the Hershel “Woody” Williams Medal of Honor Foundation.

The monument is made of black granite, and each back panel features a theme. Those themes are homeland, family, patriotism and sacrifice. Each community had discretion in selecting the images etched into the panels to reflect local values for those themes.

The dedication ceremony was attended by many local Gold Star families. As the names of their loved ones were read, tears flowed freely. For many, their loved ones were known only as a name, but for others the loss was very personal.

The Honor Bricks

Engraved brick memorial walkways are a very popular way for veterans’ organizations, military bases and city parks to raise funds for their projects. Polar Engraving has worked with many veteran groups, including the Town of Niagara, to help them achieve their fundraising objectives using engraved brick walkways or brick arrays.

Honor a family member or friend by purchasing a personalized 4″ x 8″ laser-etched “Honor Brick.” A maximum of three lines of 18 characters per line (including spaces and punctuation) may be used.

Your donation to the project will allow you to commemorate a loved one and support their memory, along with helping to create this memorial park. All donations are tax-deductible. WCHS students, teachers, friends, parents, volunteers and teams are welcome to purchase an Honor Brick.

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