How to Find a Licensed Funeral Director

funeral bureau

The Funeral Bureau is an agency that regulates the funeral business in California. This office licenses about 13,500 funeral service providers in the state and investigates complaints against cemetery and funeral director licensees. The bureau can help you find a funeral home, funeral director, or embalmer that is licensed by the state and can provide you with a general price list. Funeral directors are required to get a license from the Bureau and abide by state laws in order to do business in California. A funeral bureau certificate is valid for burial.

You should ask the funeral bureau if they accept payments for preneed services or a memorial trust. The preneed trust covers the entire funeral, including cemetery services, grave opening, and obituary. You should note that some costs cannot be prepaid, including the cost of the obituary or unallocated overhead costs. However, the funeral establishment should give you a written statement of costs and choices before processing the money.

Before finalizing the funeral arrangements, make sure you ask the funeral establishment for an itemized price list. Do they charge for protective clothing or other services? If so, do they charge you for protective clothing and contagious disease? Are you charged extra for protective clothing? If so, it’s a red flag. Don’t be afraid to ask the Funeral Bureau to provide an itemized price list. However, you must make sure that you’re dealing with a licensed establishment.

The Funeral Bureau is also looking for volunteers to help with the inspection process. They will be helping to distribute the letter to the funeral firms that are licensed in their state. Additionally, the Bureau will help them send e-mails to their licensees and notify them of upcoming meetings. You can help by volunteering your time by writing a letter. If you’re interested, please visit the website and submit your comments. You’ll receive more information in June.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a Funeral Rule that governs the service industry. Funeral directors must adhere to this rule. The agency also requires cemetery licensees to provide evidence of their services. Obtain a copy of the cemetery’s citation with a funeral plan or certificate. Make sure the cemetery maintains the same standards as any competitor. This way, you can feel assured that the service will be conducted according to your wishes. If you’re not comfortable with choosing a cemetery, you can always prepay your funeral.

Funeral service licensing requirements vary by state. Funeral directors and embalmers must meet certain state licensing requirements. ABFSE serves as the national accreditation agency for funeral service programs. ICFSEB is a nonprofit association that provides examination services and regulatory support to funeral service licensing boards. You should contact your state board for licensing requirements before entering a funeral service school. There’s a fee involved in the application process. But it’s well worth the investment.

The State of California is following a strict water conservation plan, which requires cemeteries and funeral homes to conserve water. The state is also implementing the Governor’s Executive Order on the Conservation of Water by Businesses, which states that “any commercial or industrial property” that is part of a California cemetery must comply with the policy. To make sure your funeral service is compliant with the rules, you should review the California Code of Regulations.

A death certificate and statement of death are legally required, and local zoning laws prohibit burials within city limits. Some cemeteries may require embalming before transporting a body. In addition, some cemeteries and mausoleums require embalming before they accept bodies for burial. Be sure to check the funeral home’s license number with the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs. If it doesn’t, then you can always go with another funeral home.

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