The word mortuary is a contraction of the Latin mortuarium, the neuter form of the Latin term morior, or receptacle for the dead. It was first used in the Middle Ages, as a gift to the parish priest. The term is used today to refer to a building where the dead are kept prior to burial. A mortuary is a building that serves this purpose.


In Medieval Latin, a mortuarium was a place where the dead were stored. The term comes from the noun form of the Late Latin adjective mortuarius, which is derived from the root word mortuus, or death. The word mortuary first appeared in English as an abbreviation of “deadhouse,” a phrase that was a synonym for “deathhouse.”

Besides the place where the deceased were entombed, mortuary services also included the preparation of the remains, from embalming to service work. Once the deceased were embalmed, they were packaged into a casket and then delivered to a common carrier. As such, a career in mortuary science requires a special person with an excellent work ethic. But once a person is interested in the field, it is a rewarding and fulfilling career.

A mortuary is a building in which the dead are prepared for burial. It also serves as a crypt, and is used to store bodies of the dead. In addition, a mortuary is also a place where the deceased are buried. The process of preparing the body for cremation was very different than the previous two, so it is important to note the differences between the two. While a cemetery may have a more generalized definition of a mortuary, it is still an important part of the community.

The name mortuary refers to a mortuary or a morgue. It is a place where the dead body is placed after death. A mortuary is also a place for mourning. It is a place where people can express their wishes and celebrate their lives. There are a lot of funeral homes in this area. So, before making a decision, make sure you research the mortuary in your area.

A mortuary is a place where the dead are held before burial. A cemetery is a place where the dead are buried. It is also referred to as a cemetery. A cemetery is a graveyard. It is the place where the deceased is buried. It is a graveyard. It is not a cemetery. It is a memorial park, and is used to honor a loved one. It is also a great place to have a celebration of life.

The word mortuary originated in Anglo-French and was used in Medieval Latin as a noun by the parish priest. It was derived from the Latin adjective mortuarius, which derived from the Latin verb mori, or “death house.” Its meaning was not until 1865, and the word remained a euphemism for a deadhouse. The word mortuary has several varying origins.

The word mortuary has various meanings. The word can refer to a cemetery or a morgue. A mortuary is the place where the dead are kept. The term mortuary can also refer to a cemetery. A cemetery can be described as a cemetery in any language. It is often called a cemetery because it serves as a burial ground for the dead. If a community has a cemetery, it must be located there. This will not only keep the deceased alive but also preserve it.

Mortuary was originally a gift to a parish priest by a deceased parishioner. Its name has derived from Medieval Latin mortuarius, which was a noun form of the verb morus. The word mortuary was first recorded in 1865, and it came to mean “dead house.” Until that time, the term was a euphemism for a hospital.

The term mortuary can refer to a place where the dead body is stored to await final disposition. In the United States, it is most often used to refer to a medical center. It is also used to refer to a hospital mortuary in West Germany. A mortuary is typically a holding facility for a body, although some are full-service businesses that offer embalming and cremation. In the United Kingdom, the word is more commonly used.

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