What is a Mortuary?


A mortuary is a place where the dead are prepared for viewing and funeral services. In New South Wales, full embalming of the body is mandatory if it is to be transported abroad or stored above ground in a vault. A temporary embalming process is used to improve the appearance of the deceased. Cosmetic embalming, on the other hand, is used to improve the appearance of the dead before a viewing. In some cultures, embalming is not allowed.

The process of embalming a dead body protects it from decay. A well-preserved body has long been the primary goal of a mortuary. The ancient Greeks, for example, expected their bodies to last for several months, even years, without any artificial aid during mourning. Other cultures, however, developed various techniques and preservatives to prevent decay. Some cultures have even preserved bodies by pickling them in vinegar or wine. The body of Lord Nelson was even returned to England in a cask of brandy.

In addition to performing the preparation of a body for viewing, a mortuary also performs other duties. Among these are grooming the hair and nails, preparing the body for burial, and applying makeup. The funeral director also helps families choose the right type of casket or urn. Additionally, the mortuary staff may help with planning the service, selecting the music, and handling the paperwork. Some mortuaries use airbrush or special makeup for this process.

Historically, the word mortuary was derived from the Latin word morior, the perfect passive participle of morior. This is a specialized field of human dissection and preservation. The funeral industry is a hugely profitable one, and it has the potential to provide a meaningful life for thousands of families. The word itself is a good example of how a mortuary works. If you’re looking for a way to honor a family member, a mortuary is the perfect gift.

A mortuary is a hospital room or other place where the dead body is held. Some mortuaries are only holding places, while others are full-service businesses that provide funeral and other services to the family after the death. They may provide embalming services or even cremation on-site. The choice of a mortuary will depend on the wishes and needs of the deceased. Morgue and mortuary are similar terms in the United States, but the latter is more common in British English-speaking countries.

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