What is a Graveyard?


A graveyard is a place where people are buried after death. It is usually associated with a church, but it can be independent.

Historically, graveyards were owned by churches and only church members could be buried in them. They also had stringent rules about headstones and inscriptions.

Cemetery is a more modern invention and came about as church-owned graveyards started to run out of space. The word itself is derived from the Latin coemeterium, and ultimately from the Greek koimeterion.


Although many people use the terms graveyard and cemetery interchangeably, they actually mean different things. The difference is that graveyard refers to a burial ground that adjoins a church while cemetery is a separate burial site that is not associated with any particular religion. Graveyards are generally smaller and more confined in their scope, while cemeteries can be much larger. In addition, the rules for headstones in a graveyard tend to be more conservative than those in a cemetery.

In the past, most people were buried in graveyards located on the church grounds. Nobles and the rich were buried in crypts beneath their places of worship. The rest of the population was buried in graveyards that were divided by social status. Mourners often paid to have their loved ones buried with a headstone, which was engraved with a name and date of death along with other biographical information. These stone markers were also a symbol of wealth and social status.


A graveyard is a piece of land where people are buried after they die. It’s often associated with a church or religion. The term has also been used to describe the final resting place of someone who is not a member of a particular faith.

Traditionally, churches were the only places where people were buried. However, as populations began to grow, churchyards ran out of space. As a result, new burial grounds that weren’t connected to any particular church or religion emerged. These sites became known as cemeteries.

Many people use the terms graveyard and cemetery interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. A graveyard is a piece of land that is specifically designed for burials, while a cemetery is simply a section of a church’s property. Cemeteries are usually larger than graveyards and are better organized. They may also be separated into sections based on religion. A graveyard is often considered more sacred than a cemetery.


The word graveyard comes from the Proto-Germanic words graban (to dig) and gardan (enclosed land). It was common for wealthy and influential Middle Ages Christians to be laid to rest in their church, often in a crypt beneath the floor. However, less privileged members of the congregation were often buried in the churchyard.

Over time, it became apparent that graveyards were overcrowded. As a result, people began to look for new places to bury the dead. This led to the development of garden cemeteries.

The big clue that a graveyard is different from a cemetery is the fact that the latter is not associated with a specific religion. It also usually has a lot of rules in place, because there was more thought put into this area than just digging holes and burying people. The term is sometimes confused with a grave or cemetery, but the biggest difference between them is that the former is usually located adjacent to a church while the latter is not.


Graveyard is a very effective defensive card in long matchups, as it stalls many units and can be used to get value out of splash cards. It works particularly well with units that can take out multiple Skeletons at once, such as the Valkyrie and the Lumberjack. It also pairs well with splash damage units, such as the Princess and Ice Wizard.

It is also effective against units that deal spell damage, as they can be killed by a few Skeletons, as well as units with high hitpoints and fast attack speeds, such as the Archers and Dart Goblins. It can also work well with a tank, as the Skeletons can distract the opponent while the tank deals damage to their Tower.

A common counter to Graveyard is Poison, as it prevents the Skeletons from triggering. Therefore, it is important to have at least one reliable Poison bait in your deck, such as a Valkyrie or a Witch.

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