As population growth began to outstrip church burial capacity, completely new places for burying people, independent of graveyards, appeared. These became known as cemeteries.

The word cemetery is more general, while graveyard is more specific. But a lot of people use the two terms interchangeably, and many dictionaries don’t distinguish between them.

Burial Ground

A cemetery is a collection of graves, mausoleums, crypts and monuments. It is often surrounded by trees, shrubbery and fencing. In some places, there may be a church or shrine.

Graveyards are frequent hauntings for legendary and mythical creatures. Some, like the buggane of Manx folklore, are terrified by churchyards and will flee into them. Typically, the monsters that haunt graveyards are the spirits of the dead.

Graveyard dirt is an invaluable ingredient in many magickal workings. It is especially useful in workings that involve death, banishing, protection and spirit work. It is also used to enhance psychic abilities and to assist in hedge riding, astral projection and dreams. It is sprinkled in the outdoor perimeter of a home to keep it protected from negative energy and spirits. It is also used in coven rituals to mark a change of leadership or a breakaway from a larger group. It is an excellent ingredient in curses and crosses.


The churchyard is the land around a church and contains both graves and a church building. It is often a very historic and interesting landscape feature, with a wide variety of materials, structures and features. These include tombstones, sculpture, fences, paths and roads, hedges, fountains and pools, and land forms (terracing, berms and grading).

The features of the churchyard should be conserved as far as possible. If a part of the churchyard needs to be changed, any alteration should be made in keeping with its historic character.

Particular care needs to be taken over the trees in the churchyard, especially yews which can be difficult to date. Any tree work should be subject to faculty jurisdiction, and if the churchyard is within a Conservation Area or has a Tree Preservation Order on it, a Tree Consultant should also be involved. The churchyard should be well-documented, and the deterioration of features should be recorded as it happens.


A cemetery is an area of land that has been specifically designated as the final resting place for those who have passed away. It is typically independent of church property and may include graves, crypts, or columbariums for cremated remains.

Today, many cemetery grounds are sprawling landscapes that offer multiple burial styles to accommodate diverse religious and cultural practices. In addition, there are different types of memorials to choose from and various other ways to pay tribute.

A modern cemetery layout software solution like byondpro provides an all-in-one system to help with the management of all these features. Its cloud-based system ensures data security and is accessible from any location. It also offers a fully integrated financial system so that trust funds can be tracked. This allows for more precise budgeting and better overall cemetery management. Find out more by booking your free demo.

Graveyard Shift

A graveyard shift is a work shift that runs through the night. It can be a difficult shift to adapt to, but there are many benefits to working the graveyard shift. For example, it is usually quieter and more peaceful than a day shift. This makes it easier to focus and get your work done.

It is also beneficial to have a graveyard shift if you are a person who needs to sleep well. The melatonin produced at night can disrupt your sleep cycle, so it is important to make sure that you have a good bedtime routine.

In addition, some industries require round-the-clock operations and need workers to work overnight. These include restaurants, hospitals, and retail stores. People who work the graveyard shift often receive premium pay in order to compensate for the extra hours they work. They are also sometimes offered a flexible schedule to suit their needs. This can be especially helpful if they have children or other responsibilities outside of work.

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