What Does a Mortuary Cosmetologist Do?


When someone dies, caring for their body can be a long and complicated process. It involves many different people and institutions, including funeral homes and mortuaries.

A mortuary is a place that cares for bodies before they are buried or cremated. It also provides services such as embalming.

What is a mortuary?

A mortuary is a facility where dead bodies are stored and prepared for burial or cremation. They are also used for memorialization and viewing purposes.

A funeral home is a place where families and friends gather to mourn the loss of a loved one. They offer grief counseling, coordinate paperwork, and arrange for transport of the deceased to the cemetery or gravesite of their choice.

They also perform some embalming, dressing and other tasks to prepare the body for its final disposition. They use materials such as wax, plaster and adhesive to recreate the shape of a body that has been damaged by disease or trauma.

Mortuaries do not normally include sharps, such as scalpels, scissors or lancets, in the waste sent to the cremation chamber. This is because sharps can be a health hazard and should not be included in the disposal process.

How do mortuaries care for bodies?

Mortuaries care for the bodies of people who die. They are a part of the death care industry that includes morgues, funeral homes, and cemeteries.

They take in the body from a place of death, wash and prepare it for viewing and services. They also sanitize the body and apply embalming fluid to keep it from decomposing.

Depending on the body’s condition, it may need to be refrigerated, bathed or wrapped in a shroud before cremation or burial. This is to prevent bacteria from spreading to other people who come into contact with it.

In some cases, a funeral home will provide a disposal process called alkaline hydrolysis. This is a more eco-friendly method of disposing of the body. It’s not a common practice in the United States, but some morgues have started offering it. The process uses a chemical (alkaline solution) that rapidly breaks down body tissues. This can be used as a cheaper alternative to cremation.

What are the duties of a mortuary cosmetologist?

A mortuary cosmetologist specializes in caring for the physical appearance of deceased people. They use cosmetics and other techniques to make a deceased person look natural, even when they have undergone major trauma that may impact their appearance or deformities.

They also work with grieving families to help them deal with their loss. This is a specialized field, so it requires training and experience in working with the deceased and their family members during this difficult time.

Mortuary cosmetologists can be employed by a funeral home or as independent contractors. They usually require a degree in mortuary science or a cosmetology certification, or both.

How do mortuary cosmetologists earn their income?

Mortuary cosmetologists earn their income by performing cosmetic procedures on the body of a deceased person before burial or cremation. They apply make-up to give it a more realistic appearance, remove facial hair and paint fingernails. They also dress the body in clothing picked by relatives and arrange it in the casket so that family members can see it before a funeral service.

A mortuary cosmetologist typically works as a freelancer. They find clients by contacting local funeral homes and building relationships with the directors.

They often advertise their services online and leave business cards at salons that don’t have a mortician on staff. This strategy allows them to build their reputation within the community, which leads to referrals, individual freelance jobs and full-time employment opportunities.

A career as a mortuary cosmetologist can be rewarding, as you can provide comfort to grieving families and give them the peace of mind they need in such a stressful time. However, it’s important to remember that this is a very sensitive job and requires empathy and compassion for those left behind.

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