The Role of a Mortuary


Generally speaking, a mortuary is the place where human corpses are stored for different purposes. These purposes include cremation, autopsy, identification, and respectful burial. In modern morgues, the facilities are designed to delay decomposition. These facilities also offer viewing space, retorts, and urn burial sites.

It’s a garden containing urn burial sites

Whether you have lost a loved one, or want to honor a deceased friend or family member, there are several ways to memorialize your loved one. Some families choose a traditional burial, while others choose cremation. Cremation burial plots are an option that many cemeteries offer. These burial plots allow you to place cremated remains in a cemetery garden, a columbarium, or in a memorial site.

A columbarium is a structure made up of niches for urns. Some columbaria are private, while others are open to the public. A columbarium may be part of an outdoor garden setting, or it may be an entire building.

Cremation urns are available in many materials, such as ceramic, glass, metal, and porcelain. Cremation urns may also be available in biodegradable containers. Cremation urns made from glass or marble are popular for their durability.

It’s more focused on handling the remains

Among the many things a mortuary does is prepare and bury the dead. They also help in arranging for the cremation of the ashes. In the US, cremation has recently overtaken burial as the preferred method of disposing of deceased loved ones. Cremation is a well regulated and environmentally friendly method of disposal. Mortuaries, though, are not equipped to deal with radioactive waste.

One of the better gizmos that a mortuary can provide is a mini-casket with a cremation urn inside. These miniature urns are a great way to honor a deceased loved one. Similarly, they allow a family member to bring their ashes home for the first time since they are buried in a casket. This is especially helpful when the deceased is a child.

It’s often referred to interchangeably with funeral homes

Despite their common name, mortuaries and funeral homes are not always the same. While both provide services that prepare the deceased for burial, the role of a mortuary is more focused on the sciences of mortuary care and handling the body.

Mortuaries are usually less expensive than funeral homes and are suitable for people who are not concerned with large memorial services. They can also be used by those who need emotional support during this difficult time. Some mortuaries can also help connect families to cremation services.

A funeral home typically offers more elaborate services and facilities. They offer a full-service experience, including transportation services to and from the place of death. They can also coordinate family requests, as well as funeral processions. Their staff works closely with relatives and friends of the deceased to make the funeral as easy as possible.

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