The Beauty of a Cemetery


Cemetery is a place that contains graves of people who have died. It also has a church, chapel, administration building and other buildings.

Visiting cemeteries can be a great way to add clues to your family tree. It is a good idea to take a notebook, pencil and a reliable camera with you when doing this research.

1. A Place of Reflection

A Cemetery is a place where people go to reflect on the lives of those who have died and to remember them. It is also a place where people can find peace and beauty.

While the words graveyard and cemetery are often used interchangeably, cemeteries are generally larger and more organized than graveyards. They are also usually newer and better maintained.

Most cemeteries maintain burial registers which record at a minimum the name of the deceased, the date and location of the burial plot. These records are used both by cemetery authorities in managing the site and by friends and family members seeking information about a particular grave or niche.

Many mourners leave flowers (or other objects) on or near the plaque of a loved one. Newer designs of columbarium walls take this practice into account by incorporating metal clips beside each plaque which can hold a small posy.

2. A Place of Beauty

The beauty of a Cemetery is in the way people remember their loved ones. The lights of each lantern are a reminder that although life ends, memories live on.

As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Many people find a Cemetery to be beautiful and a place of serenity. It’s important to note that a Cemetery is different from a Graveyard, as the term Cemetery refers to a burial ground that is separate from a Church, while Graveyard is an old churchyard.

Often, Graveyards have older tombstones and are more chaotic than a Cemetery. They’re also often the site of superstition and legend, where black magic ceremonies take place or skulls are gathered for sinister purposes.

3. A Place of Serenity

Cemeteries offer a serene and peaceful ambiance that is conducive to reflection and meditation. Many cultures and religions have rituals associated with visiting and honoring loved ones at the graveside which can be a cathartic and healing experience.

The word cemetery derives from the Greek koimeterion, meaning ‘a sleeping place’. It was first used in reference to a burial ground that did not adjoin a church. Eventually, as church-affiliated graveyards became full, new burial sites that were not affiliated with any church came into existence and were called cemeteries.

Today, there are various types of cemeteries that cater to specific needs and budgets. Some are public, some private and others religious. Different ownership structures govern services offered and financial endowment plans. They may be for-profit or not-for-profit; a combination of both or simply a perpetual care fund.

4. A Place of Peace

It’s natural for people to visit the grave sites of their loved ones. In fact, this is a powerful way to show them that they are not forgotten. Many times, the deceased’s family will tend to the grave site, keeping it beautiful and adding new mementos.

Unlike churchyards, cemeteries are not constrained by space constraints and can offer larger plots for modern families. They are also typically more manicured than churchyards.

While it can be sad to spend time at a cemetery, it can help to heal and move forward with life. Visiting the gravesite of a loved one can be very soothing and bring comfort to the soul. It may even give you a chance to reflect on your own journey through life.

5. A Place of Memories

When a loved one passes away, they leave behind many memories. Visiting their final resting place can be a way to remember all the good times they shared together. It can also be a reminder of the importance of preserving family legacy.

In most cultures, providing a tomb for the dead was traditionally considered a familial obligation. Their locations were often chosen with great care: feng shui experts would select sites that provided auspicious wind and water and geomancers divined the best spots.

Nowadays, the cemetery is a more familiar sight and it’s not uncommon to find people visiting them for recreational or touristic purposes. This is a good thing because it helps keep the memory of deceased people alive and makes them more relatable to the everyday lives of locals.

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