Careers in Mortuary Science


A mortuary is a place where bodies are stored before being buried or cremated. They can be found in hospitals, retirement homes and funeral homes.

A morgue typically has refrigerated drawer-like compartments for storing bodies. It’s used until an autopsy is performed or the body is claimed by the family.

A career in funeral service

A career in funeral service is an excellent choice for those who want to help people during a time of loss and grief. Those who work in funeral services provide counseling on death and its aftermath, arrange services for the funeral and offer facilities for mourners to meet.

A typical education requirement for funeral service workers is an associate’s degree in mortuary science or a related field. Coursework in ethics, grief counseling and funeral services is usually included in an accredited program.

The average salary for a funeral director is $45,000. For more experienced funeral directors, salaries can increase to $65,000 per year.

Funeral directors and morticians plan the details of a funeral or memorial service, prepare obituary notices, arrange clergy services and pallbearers, and coordinate burial or cremation services. They also complete administrative documents as needed regarding a person’s death and apply for the transfer of any insurance policies or pensions on behalf of survivors.

A funeral director’s role

The primary role of a funeral director is to provide assistance and guidance to people following the death of a loved one. They help families arrange a service, select a casket and burial location.

They also handle the paperwork involved with a person’s death, including submitting papers to State authorities to get a formal death certificate and providing copies to family members. They may help heirs resolve insurance claims or apply for veterans’ funeral benefits.

Those in this career need excellent organizational skills and the ability to work under tight deadlines. They must also be comfortable with negotiation, communication and dealing with difficult people. They also need to be knowledgeable about industry regulations and laws related to procedures like embalming or issuing death certificates.

An Internet show room for funeral equipment and supplies

An Internet show room for funeral equipment and supplies is a lucrative business idea. These types of companies usually specialize in caskets, urns, burial markets and other funeral paraphernalia. They may also sell gurneys, embalming tables and stretchers.

In addition, they might provide a more affordable option than visiting a local funeral home or cemetery. Some even offer a range of funeral services such as cremation or ashes scattering.

If you are considering a business in the funeral industry, then the best way to go is by researching the market and finding a company that can meet your unique needs. You should also make sure that you are able to secure the proper funding for your company and find a location in your local area. Finally, remember to be patient and courteous to your clients. The right combination of empathy and compassion will pay off in the long run. The funeral industry has its share of pitfalls, but with a little research and care you can have a successful business for generations to come.

A place for embalming

Embalming is a practice used to preserve the body of a deceased person, so that it will look as good as possible for the funeral service and burial. The process involves the use of chemicals, like formaldehyde, to keep the body from decomposing.

This is a highly skilled and professional service, often carried out by expert embalmers with many years of experience. It can be a comfort to a grieving family, especially if someone looks very different after death, or has disfigurement from an accident or illness.

Embalming is a vital part of the funeral process. It prevents the body from rotting and makes it easier for bereaved families to see their loved one. It also helps families to say goodbye in a peaceful and dignified way.

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