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A mortuary is a place where the dead are stored before burial or cremation. It’s a multipurpose facility that can also provide embalming and direct funeral services.

When a body is transferred to the mortuary, personnel make a note of any valuables on the person and record their identity. This information is kept on file for future reference.


For many families, embalming is an important choice to help them say goodbye to their loved one and to provide the opportunity for a visitation period. The embalming process helps to disinfect the remains and slows down the organic decomposition of the body which can occur after death.

In addition to embalming, funeral directors may also use a variety of cosmetic procedures to restore the appearance of your loved one. This can include a facial makeover to set the features, to remove bruises and discolorations that have occurred after death, to touch up wounds, and more.

Before embalming, the body is undressed and washed in a germicidal solution. Then, the body is injected with an anatomical embalming fluid. This fluid enters the arteries and saturates all of the tissues. It also contains pigments that return the natural color of your loved ones skin and hair and reduces the odors associated with a dead body. The final result is a corpse that looks as if it were sleeping peacefully.

Preparation for Burial or Cremation

A mortuary may be a standalone facility, but more often, it will work with funeral homes to provide services. These establishments typically have a chapel onsite where families can hold services for their loved ones, and they’ll also likely offer caskets, urns, and other memorial products to help honor your loved one.

During the embalming process, your loved one’s body will be cleaned, any fluids will be removed, and the body will be preserved using chemicals, most commonly a formaldehyde solution. The mortician will then dress the body and prepare it for viewing if the family chooses to have one.

If your loved one will be cremated, the mortuary will prepare their remains by removing any jewelry or medical devices to prevent them from melting or exploding during the cremation process. Then, the mortician will place them into a simple urn before transferring them to the crematory. Once the cremation is complete, they’ll return the urn to your family.

Preparing the Body for Viewing

Whether you’re planning a funeral or cremation, a Bronx mortuary can help with the process. A mortuary can prepare the body of your loved one for a viewing, on-site burial or cremation. They can also host a meaningful funeral service for you and your family.

They may also dress your loved one, which can enhance their appearance for a viewing. Then, they’ll put them into the casket you chose, so that you can hold a traditional viewing before your memorial services or cremation. They can also refrigerate your loved one for a short period of time, if you wish to wait before a viewing or a funeral service.

Funeral Services

A funeral service is a ceremony led by clergy and attended by family members, friends, and community members who wish to pay their respects to a deceased person. The type of service is influenced by culture, tradition, religion, and the wishes of the next of kin. Religious services often involve the participation of clergy and follow a prescribed order of service, such as those led by a Catholic priest or a Jewish rabbi.

Some mortuaries offer a full range of funeral services, while others focus more on the moruary science and prepare bodies for burial or cremation without offering memorialization services. In some cases, a standalone mortuary may not even have a funeral director but rather staff who specialize in preparing the body.

During the arrangement conference, you and the funeral director will choose which services and merchandise you would like to purchase. You will be given a General Price List and an Itemized Statement, which includes contractual language that legally obligates you to pay for the services and merchandise selected.

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