A Memorial Park is a Peaceful Place to Relieve a Loved One

memorial park

A memorial park is the perfect setting for a loved one’s final resting place. Its grounds are adorned with landscaped plots and dignified bronze markers. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the gardens, which are free from noise and distraction. Besides serving as a perfect place to spend quiet time, memorial parks are also ideal for a peaceful meditation. Many visitors find the atmosphere in the park both humbling and moving.

One of the most poignant memorials is the St. Vincent’s Memorial, which sits on a triangular site. The building was once part of the St. Vincent’s Hospital campus. It was eventually closed in 2010, and the Rudin Management Company converted the hospital into residential spaces. They donated the park to the city in 2017, but many believe the site represents the epicenter of an epidemic. The obelisk’s name is on display, as is a list of fallen soldiers.

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